Alexander Erkomaishvili

Alexander Erkomaishvili served the 6th Rector of what was then called  Pegagogical University of Georgia (1931-1932).      His career included revolutionary activities as well as leadership of  important government posts after the 1917 Revolution.   
Alexander Erkomaishvili was born in the village Tsitelmta, Ozurgeti district on December 12, 1887.  While he was studying at Tbilisi Commercial School,  he became involved in the revolutionary movement that led to his participation in  the Revolution 1905-1907.   These activities led to his exile to the Krasnoyarski region between 1907 and 1917.   After the February Revolution in 1917, he worked as a Chairman of Krasnoyarski Council of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies and later in  May of 1917 he returned to Tbilisi where he served in Central Union until 1919.
After the establishment of Soviet power in Georgia, Alexander served as People’s Commissar for Food of Georgian SSR, Director of Trans Caucasian Institute of Finance,  and Director of Communist Rural Agricultural High School.  Alexander Erkomaishvili was shot in 1937.