Tevdore (Tedo) Ghlonti

Tedo  Ghlonti became the 3rd Rector of Tbilisi State University in June 1926 and served until September 1928.    Glonti, a prominent public and political figure in  the early 20th century Georgia, was born in Lanchkhuti in 1888.   In addition to being a journalist, economist, and agricultural worker,  he became a leading member of the Georgian Socialist-Federalist party in 1912 and  leader of the left wing of the Georgian Socialist-Federalist party (1915-1916).  He was an active participant in the establishment of Georgian independence by serving as a member of the National Council of Georgia and a member of the Constituent Assembly of Georgia (1918-1921).    In 1919, he founded newspaper ‘Zvirti’ and in 1919-1921, he acted as an editor of newspaper Sakhalkho Purtseli.   Tedo Ghlonti was also the author of several books including Menshevik and Soviet Georgia  (Tbilisi, 1926).   In 1937, Tedo Ghlonti was shot as an “Enemy of the People and Traitor of Motherland”.