The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences in Tbilisi State University was established in 2005. The Faculty has 6 academic units/directions of Political Science, Journalism and Mass Communication, International Relations, Sociology and Social Work, Human Geography and Interdisciplinary Department. Overall, the departments offer 7 Bachelor, 16 Master and 13 PhD programmes to over 2200 students. The majority of our students hold full or partial national tuition waiver scholarships. 

The faculty’s mission is to support social-economic and cultural development of the country via generating and disseminating new knowledge. Our diverse academic programmes promote critical thinking within a continuously changing society and educate and bring-up competitive professionals. 

Our student body and professors are among the most internationalized in Georgia’s academic space. Annually we send around 50 best students to various European partner universities through Erasmus + programme; many others gain their exchange experience with TSU’s bilateral and other exchange programmes. Faculty’s financial aid initiative ensures that the students and professors gain international experience at academic conferences, youth events and cultural exchanges. 

Our alumni are among the most successful leaders in the nation working in Georgia and different parts of the world in academia, research centers, think-tanks, public service, international or local organisations and private sector.