Teachers’ workshop: new teaching methods

Anne Nevgi , Principal Investigator, Institute of Behavioural Sciences,
University of Helsinki

13 May 2015 at Tbilisi State University

The workshop is directed to teachers in the BASERCAN+ project, but also teachers in the host institutions (Tbilisi State University and Ilia State University) are most welcome!  

The purpose of the workshop is
- to discuss teachers experience, possible problems or challenges they face in their daily work
- to exchange ideas about new teaching methods
- to introduce new techniques of the latest inventions of Finnish higher education that would help to increase quality learning in different academic environments 
- to support teachers to network

The workshop will take place on   Wednesday May 13, at 3 – 6 pm in the TSU I Building 1st floor room #115 (street address: 1, Chavchavdze Ave., 0179 Tbilisi).

All interested teachers are warmly welcome and encouraged to contact Anne Nevgi ( anne.nevgi@helsinki.fi ) if you have any questions. 

Please enroll to the workshop by filling in a registration form no later than May 6, 2015:


Hope to see you in the workshop! Kindly spread the information of the workshop to colleagues!

The workshop is organised jointly by Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Ilia State University , Belarusian State University and Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno.

BASERCAN+ (Baltic Sea Region – Caucasus Network +) is a project of international cooperation between higher education institutions in Finland, Georgia and Belarus on student and teacher exchange, and it is part of the North-South-South Higher Education cooperation programme funded through the development cooperation funds of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs .


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