The Geography Foundation preserves unique maps, scientific works and photos. The world atlas owned by great Georgian patriot Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani is most noteworthy in the foundation’s rich collection. The German-language map was published in Germany in 1706. Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani apparently worked a lot over this map putting Georgian equivalents to various toponyms in red ink. As known, he brought this map from his European trip in 1713-16. The foundation also keeps a relief map created by Professor Alexander Javakhishvili along with the relief maps of the Caucasus and other geographical areas.
As already mentioned above, the foundation also keeps a great part of famous Russian photographer Dimitri Ermakov’s collection, which was purchased by the University in 1918. The photo of Tbilisi taken in 1904 is most remarkable in Dimitri Ermakov’s collection; in addition, the panorama of Tbilisi taken from the left side of the Mtkvari River by photograph Engeld is also especially interesting. Professor D. Lortkipanidze brought this panorama from former Czechoslovakia in the eighties of the XX century. Furthermore, the foundation keeps unique photo gallery, which provides valuable ethnographical information and anthropological types. One can also find here cartographic materials with significant cultural-historical value.