The University’s diverse mineralogy collections are unique not only in Georgia, but throughout the entire South Caucasus. The fund keeps up to 10 000 exhibits purchased from or granted by private owners, also materials obtained by the university employees and students during different expeditions. It includes pure and rare elements (gold, silver, copper, sulfur, graphite); sulfides, halogenides ( sodium chloride, fluoride); ferric oxide compounds, different varieties of quartz (titanium, potassium chloride); cryptocrystalline varieties of quartz (agate, chalcedony, jasper, opal); carbonates (calcite, limestone, chalk, aragonite, onyx, smithsonite); secondary minerals of copper (malachite, chessylite; sulfates (gypsum, selenite, alunite); oxidized salts (phosphorites, apatite, turquoise); garnet group minerals (zirconium, topaz, staurolite); pyroxenes, beryl, tourmaline, jadeite, rhodonite, mica group minerals and others.