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Sphere of Activities, Key Tasks and Functions of the Department of Public Relations

1.    The key mission of the Department is to create an effective system of communicating information about the University, to establish active contacts, including cooperation with the society as well as to provide the society with unbiased information about the University and the university-wide developments.
2.    The key tasks of the Department are:
a)    To popularize the University’s activities in various spheres;
b)    To ensure the publicity of  educational and scientific processes, as well as various planned or implemented events;
c)    To ensure that the decisions, orders and other administrative-legal acts approved by the University’s Academic Council, Representative Council, Rector and Head of Administration are public and available to all interested persons.
3.    The key functions of the Department are:
a)    To ensure internal communications;    
b)    To establish relations with governmental structures, educational-scientific institutions, non-governmental and civil society organizations; to implement joint projects;
c)    To popularize the University’s faculties, their activities, as well as scientific staff;
d)    To plan and hold the meetings of civil society representatives with the Rector, Head of Administration and academic staff;
e)    To organize press conferences, news briefings, interviews as well as seminars and trainings if needed;
f)    To assess the implemented projects and to improve the planning of further measures in line with the results;
g)    To discuss the received projects and to develop the recommendations for their implementation or rejection;    
h)    To manage the University’s website; to post information within its competence;
i)    To publish official appeals and announcements on behalf of the University;
j)    To coordinate the process of using the university logo by various university structures as well as to organize the process of preparing promotional printed materials and other attributes;   
k)    To carry out other activities within its field of competence, so that these activities do not contradict Georgian legislation, the University’s