Schoolchildren Visit Archaeological Site at Grakliani Hill

On September 30, a workshop was held for schoolchildren of Tbilisi public school No 21 at the TSU archaeological site on Grakliani Hill. The event is being held within the framework of Science and Innovation Festival.

Professor Vakhtang Licheli, head of the TSU Institute of Archaeology, showed schoolchildren around the Museum located on Grakliani Hill, delivered a lecture about Georgian archaeology and showed them all important artefacts discovered as a result of excavations. After viewing the Museum, pupils took part in archaeological excavations.

“It is very good that young people show interest towards archaeology. It is important that their interest is aroused from the school age. I think that schoolchildren liked participation in new discoveries at the archaeological monument of national importance – Grakliani Hill. They themselves discovered artefacts and placed them in special depositories,” Prof. Licheli said.

The pupils also viewed newly discovered graves, participated in restoration of clay vessels and familiarized themselves with the peculiarities of archaeological excavations.

The archaeological excavations on Grakliani Hill confirm the continuous cycle of the development of society from the Stone Age to Antiquity. Artefacts discovered during the digs of 11 cultural layers of different periods include the tools of primitive people, the cultic objects of the past period and many more. The unique inscription of Grakliani discovered by TSU’s archaeological expedition dates back to XI-X century BC, according to the U.S. Laboratory. The expedition of Tbilisi State University, which excavates the site, sent samples to the Miami Beta Laboratory to specify the date of the inscription.

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