Autumn Legend 2019 – Improvisation Round in Kakheti

An improvisation round of a student literary competition Autumn Legend 2019 was held at House Museum of Alexander Chavchavadze in Tsinandali. The contestants were given 12 hours to create new stories on a topic selected by the jury.

The unique garden in Tsinandali is this year’s concept of Autumn Legend, green pattern – a synthesis of beauty, comfort and function.

“The contestants of this year’s Autumn Legend were given a difficult task, but they are in a good mood and I hope that they will cope with this task. August Legend is the first chance for many contestants to enter upon the path to literature. I have great hopes that many new faces will appear following this year’s competition,” Rector George Sharvashidze said.

Students from Georgia’s accredited higher educational institutions are participating in the competition, which is held in two rounds. About 300 contestants participated in the first round. 10 finalists were identified by the internal selection jury.

“I like the topic selected by the jury very much. In my opinion, it is most important when you get emotions from the topic. I already have an idea. I plan to write a short story,” one of the contestants, TSU student Ilia Chanturia noted.

The jury consists of six members: writers Dato Turashvili, Teona Dolenjashvili, Maka Ldokonen, Ana Kordzaia-Samadashvili, Zaal Chkheidze and last year’s winner, Tekla Eremeishvili.

Writer Maka Ldokonen said that Autumn Legend is a remarkable literary competition by its content and outcomes. “The student competition has confirmed many times that its existence is very important for Georgian literature. We have a lot of good writers, who took their first steps in frames of Autumn Legend and became winners of many competitions both in Georgia and beyond,” she noted.

The student literary competition Autumn Legend – a joint project of TSU and the company Silknet - was launched in 2009. It aims at discovering talented young people and paving their ways for future success. The competition has proved a successful start for many representatives of modern Georgian literature.

An awards ceremony will be held at Tbilisi State University. The stories of 10 finalists will be printed in a special collection and presented to the guests of the event as gifts.

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