Welcome Event for Foreign Exchange Students at TSU

33 foreign exchange students will study at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) during the fall semester of the 2019-2020 academic year. Among them are students from European, Chinese, U.S. and South American higher educational institutions. On October 4, the TSU Department of Foreign Relations organized a welcome event for foreign exchange students at TSU.

Rector of TSU, George Sharvashidze welcomed the students. He said that internationalization is one of the major priorities of TSU. “Our students represent the main European countries, Asia and Latin America. We will also have a lot of foreign students during the next semester that is quite a high figure among Eastern European countries,” Rector Sharvashidze said.

“The dynamics of past three years has shown that the interest towards our university is growing. This time, foreign students will spend one or two semesters at TSU. They have arrived from Brazil and Denmark. The courses selected by students are very diverse. They will study at all faculties, as well as at the International School of Economics,” Tea Gergedava, head of the TSU Department of Foreign Relations, said.

Irma Grdzelidze, head of the TSU Quality Assurance Service, briefed foreign students on the programs and opportunities offered by TSU.

“I was interested to arrive in the EU non-member country and that is why I arrived in Georgia. It is interesting to look at the European Union from your perspective. I study politics and culture in Berlin. I did not know much about Georgia. I am very interested in this region, Georgian culture and I even plan to learn Georgian,” says a student from Viadrina European University in Germany.

Archil Javakhishvili, vice president of the TSU Student Self-Governance, noted that “foreign students want to know about student life at various universities. The Student Self-Governance offers them various opportunities. They can participate in the event welcoming first-year students; we will also take them to various excursions planned for TSU students. They will be offered free attendance at any educational, sport or cultural events. They are especially interested in sport events.”

Representatives of the TSU Department of Sport and Culture, as well as Erasmus Student Union participated in the meeting. They acquainted foreign students with educational, cultural and sport activities planned during the ongoing semester.

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