TSU Media and TV Art Community College Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) Media and TV Art Community College celebrated its 30th anniversary on October 7. Along with college alumni of all generations, TSU Rector George Sharvashidze; Leonid Mazor, technical producer at the TV school in the State of Tennessee; Marcin Malatinský, head of International Relations Department at the Lodz Film School, as well as invited guests attended the event.

In 1989, the author and cameraman of documentary and scientific films, Zurab Oshkhneli established the Youth Television Studio and initiated the formal vocational education in Georgia in photography, media and television art. With years, the educational institution changed its name for multiple times, but its core principles for which people choose this institution have remained unchanged.

Rector George Sharvashidze wished the college and its alumni success. “A lot of things done in Georgia in terms of vocational education have started just from this college. The Media and TV Art Community College exists for already 30 years and today it is part of TSU. A lot of alumni, famous public figures came to attend the anniversary event,” he said.

“The college was established back in the Soviet era. We had to overcome a lot of obstacles and difficulties. But we always managed to maintain its popularity and give students appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge. We managed to proceed with the help of friends and young people. Vocational education is popular in Georgia today. It is very important to ensure further development in the country,” Zurab Oshkhneli, director of the college, said.

The college celebrated its 30th anniversary together with its alumni. “The college gave me a lot in my life, first of all, it gave me a profession. But besides profession, this college taught me everything. I can say for sure that I had already been an experienced journalist when I came to the television, because I underwent serious practice at a very small age. The college taught me how to become a professional and how to keep moving towards success,” says Nutsa Kavtaradze, TV presenter.

A film “30-year history of TV school” was screened for the guests of the anniversary event.

TSU Media and TV Art Community College is still popular among the youth who are acquiring the skills of a reporter; TV and Radio presenter; television directing; camera operator; TV screen design; video editing and photography.

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