COVID-19 Consequences Necessitate Changes in Learning Process

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) will begin the new academic year online on September 14. 
The Faculties of Law, Social and Political Sciences, Exact and Natural Sciences, Medicine, Psychology and Educational Sciences, and Economics and Business will begin complete online studies on September 14. 
The Faculty of Humanities will begin online classes on September 21. 
Information for students regarding technical support of online learning process will be placed at LMS.TSU.GE.
In case of any problems or failure to contact with lecturers, please, contact us at: 
Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
Email: tsu.psychology@tsu.ge 

Faculty of Medicine: 
Email: medicine@tsu.ge 

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Email: social@tsu.ge  

Faculty of Law:  
To have access to any information/consultation, a student can use LMS.TSU.GE database. An application should be sent from a relevant category; for example, in connection with online learning – category “problems related to online learning.” It concerns to academic part (uploading of materials, holding of lectures or related difficulties). In case of technical issues, one should use a graph “IT support.” Communication with a dean is possible through “write to a dean.” 
Chancellery: chancellerylaw@tsu.ge 
Email: law@tsu.ge 

Faculty of Economics and Business:
For additional information, please, follow the link 

Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences: 
577 233838 (Maguli Kvernadze) 
577 244142 (Shorena Chubinidze) 
577 213048 (Nino Tkeshelashvili) 
By programs: 
577 401590 (Rusudan Danelia) Physics, Chemistry, Electronics  
595 625418 (Tsira Okriashvili) Biology, Biotechnology, Geology  
599 157420 (Giorgi Bregvadze) Geography, Ecology  
577 737387 (Tamar Tatrishvili) Computer Science  
577 249933 (Archil Elizbarashvili) Georgian-French Computer Science  
577 244511 (Omar Purtukhia) Mathematics  

Faculty of Humanities:
To receive information/consultation, a student can use LMS.TSU.GE.
Email: humanities@tsu.ge 


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