About us

The Institute of Tourism Development of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

There is a growing desire to study tourism at most institutes and colleges around the world. Nowadays they have got opportunities to teach multi-disciplinary tourism. Multidisciplinary is a main characteristic of tourism. Educational and research area of tourism includes such disciplines as psychology, anthropology, sociology, economics, ecology, statistic, etc.

To encourage studying tourism and doing research in the corresponding areas the Institute of Tourism Development (ITD) was established at the Tbilisi State University as an additional unit, non-commercial legal entity under the Decree № 33.2013 on February 25, 2013.

Unfortunately, no   researches  are done to estimate the influence of tourism on the economy of the country in present day Georgia in order to define  its share in GNP and to describe its influence on other economical activities and etc. That is why it is impossible to define a real condition of national tourism. Therefore, the authorities of the Tbilisi State University decided to establish ITD.  The mission of the institute is to become a leading educational and research centre in the entire Caucasus. 

Besides this, the ITD will clarify global and local connections between tourism and economical development and will provide the state authorities with the benefits of the work. 

ITD is responsible for studying of tourism, research works, retraining, branding and marketing of tourist destination places, forecasting and setting trends in the consumer and customer services


Our Mission is to help our students achieve their dreams and goals. 
We handle those dreams with care, and treat them as our own. 
Our Mission is to undertake both applied and academic tourism related research. 
Our success depends on it.