To support continuing education at TSU, the Center for Academic Development and Continuing education has been established.  To meet the Center’s primary objective, the staff of the center will provide administrative services and continuing educational programs to meet the needs of Georgia as well as organizing various training and seminars to train university’s academic and administrative personnel.

Programs of academic development and continuing education can be divided into two categories: internal ongoing education for the TSU faculty and continuing education for Georgia in general. Firstly, the Center will conduct internal ongoing education by organizing various conferences and seminars for current TSU faculty and administrative personnel.   Secondly, based upon questionnaires and scientific surveys assessing the educational, technological and business needs of Georgian society, TSU will design various long and short term courses/trainings/programs to develop general or specific professional skills.

In addition to the continuing education programs mentioned above, there are 13 accredited programs for teachers’ professional development at TSU.

At present, TSU participates in project ‘SIRUS’ (Shaping Inclusive and Responsive University Strategies) organized by European universities and partner organizations. Project ‘SIRUS’ promotes the realization of continuing educational programs at the participant universities. Twenty-nine universities from eighteen participant countries are engaged in the project.