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TSU - the first university in the Caucasus. The century-old tradition of research and teaching. Established in 1918.
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Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Head of the Theoretical Studies Laboratory at the R. Agladze Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry; Member of Euroscience (1998), Board member of the International Center for Black Sea Water Studies (2001), Member of the American Chemical Society since 2006. From 2002-2003 was Deputy Head of the State Agency of Black Sea Protection, Research and Development and Chairperson of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. As a result of the research findings of the agency, it became possible to provide the Georgian government with the development concept of hydrogen energy (The President’s order #1087 taken on September 4, 2003 and the resolution #33 of the Academy of Sciences adopted on March 11, 2004). She has published 135 scientific works; received 13 patents and international scientific grants. Her research interests include chemical, electrochemical, and photochemical reactions; photo-electrochemical kinetics; thermodynamics of polyatomic particles placed in condensed environment; Raman spectroscopy and electron-vibration; the distribution of electromagnetic waves in an irregular condensed environment; radio spectroscopy; Nano systems and Nano processes; quantum-chemical calculations; catalysis and photo-catalysis; chemical processes in nano and meso-structures; hydrogen energy; and information technologies.