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TSU - the first university in the Caucasus. The century-old tradition of research and teaching. Established in 1918.
Another Success of TSU Students, Academic Staff Members

TSU students and academic staff members are still leading in the grant competition of the Erasmus Mundus project Humanities Education Revitalized via Mundus Experiences (HERMES).

436 applications (total of 231 applications from Georgia with 148 from TSU) were registered after the competition for Erasmus Mundus HERMES scholarships was announced in October 2014. The selection committee revealed 112 winners, among them 39 citizens of Georgia, including 30 students/academic staff members from TSU.
The consortium, consisting of 15 universities in 11 countries, will provide monthly scholarships for 26 students (undergraduate, postgraduate and post-doctoral) and 4 staff members from the Tbilisi State University during the 2015-2016 academic year as well as cover their round trip and insurance costs.