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Winners of Postdoctoral Competition Announced at TSU

Winners of postdoctoral competition were announced at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) on March 13. TSU Rector, Academician Vladimer Papava, winners of the competition, representatives of faculties and research institutes, as well as students attended the event.

The competition commission selected five winners: Maia Svanadze (Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences); Nato Pitskhelauri (Faculty of Medicine); Natia Pipia (Faculty of Humanities); Giorgi Rusiashvili (Faculty of Law) and Tamar Kbiladze (Faculty of Economics and Business). The winners were awarded certificates.

TSU Rector Vladimer Papava said: “Today we presented Postdocs to Georgia for the first time. This institution is successfully functioning at the world’s leading universities. Introduction of postdoctoral studies at our university was a part of my electoral program and this initiative was implemented. Young scholars have an opportunity to continue their research at the university. We have also set the recruitment standards – out of eight candidates, five have won the competition. This is a huge incentive for research-oriented scholars. By this, we set a good example for Georgian higher educational institutions.”

“I am very satisfied with the results of postdoctoral competition. For the first time we, the young PhD degree holders, got an opportunity to continue interesting research at the university,” PhD degree holder from the Faculty of Economics and Business, Tamar Kbiladze said.

”Postdoctoral studies are a huge support and incentive for us. I am sure that it will help us continue our research and achieve success,” PhD degree holder from the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, Maia Svanadze said.

Postdoctoral studies have been introduced in Georgia upon Vladimer Papava’s initiative. The goal of postdoctoral studies is to support PhD degree holders through their involvement in scientific research and academic activities. A postdoctoral scholar is an individual holding a doctoral degree who is employed at the university for about two-year period for the purpose of implementing a particular research project. During the project implementation Postdocs can use the university’s material and technical base. In addition, Postdocs enjoy the right to be invited as university lecturers and support staff and their salaries are equal to minimal salaries of assistant professors.