TSU Science

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TSU - the first university in the Caucasus. The century-old tradition of research and teaching. Established in 1918.
Journal "TSU Science" № 4

The fourth edition of TSU Science issued in July 2013 provides information about ongoing research activities at TSU. In particular, you can read the following articles: The Effects of Stress on the Cellular Metabolism of the Brain; TSU Scientists Develop Artificial Perfusion Systems; Muslim Meskhetians – Integration or Separation?; Georgia Presents Versions of Shahnameh; The Embryo’s Right to Life in Georgia and the World; Non-Traditional Proton Transfer Reaction Mechanisms; Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications; A Scientific Basis for Georgian State Border Demarcation; Georgian Palimpsest Manuscripts; Georgian Food Security Strategy; Customs Reforms Examined by a Georgian Scientist; Economic Development – A Key Factor of Economic Growth and Increased Public Wellbeing, etc. Here you can also read articles about TSU scientific institutes. The journal is bilingual – Georgian and English.