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TSU - the first university in the Caucasus. The century-old tradition of research and teaching. Established in 1918.
Journal "TSU Science" № 5

The fifth edition of TSU Science was issued in December 2013. Here you can read the following articles: Georgian Mamluks in Egypt and Georgian Monasterial Commune in Palestine; Platonic Traditions – The Mirror in which We See Ourselves; Ethnology - A Discipline for Resolving Ethnic Conflict; The Georgian School System’s Enormous Challenges; The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Mental Disorders; Social Media Development Trends in Georgia; Laser Thermonuclear Synthesis; Cellular Mechanisms of Parenchymal Organ Regeneration; Evaluating the Possibilities for Methane Extraction from Tkibuli-Shaori Coal Seams; The Experience of the State of South Carolina for the Development of Tourism in Georgia; Georgian Food Security Strategy in the Context of Globalization; Challenges of Social Marketing in Georgia; Hyperthermia – an Effective Method of Treating Oncological Diseases; Research to Repair Damaged Cardiac Muscle; Bile Duct Reaction in Early Stages of Cholestasis. The journal is bilingual – Georgian and English.