Finance Department is a supplementary structural unit of the university.
The main objective of the Finance Department is to provide the university students and personnel with proper conditions for studying, working and undertaking scientific research activities through the effective management of financial resources by keeping accounts of financial-economic activities for all the structural units of the university.

The main tasks of the department are the following:
•    to draw up the university budget and to monitor its implementation;
•    to ensure organizing the university financial reporting;
•    to draw complex and operational analyses of the institution’s financial state on the basis of accounting (data);
•    to develop and update financial policy, procedures, norms and regulations;
•    to manage and supervise acquisition plans of the material recourses and services necessary for the university
•    to keep records of fixed assets, current inventory of property and material provisions,  and capital investments;
•    to make property inventory and list of financial liabilities in order to ensure the accuracy of accounting records.