About Us

The main purpose of the Building Facilities and Maintenance Department is to provide efficient management of material resources, to maintain proper conditions for studying, working and undertaking scientific research by students and staff.  In addition, this department is responsible for monitoring the optimal use of buildings and facilities and for maintaining physical conditions and safety requirements of the university facilities in compliance with existing legislation.
The main duties of the department include: to taking measures to develop the university’s physical plant and technical base, and to furnish and equip buildings, offices, libraries, computer centres, sports grounds and halls with modern technology.
To fulfill these main duties, the department shall organize the following:
•    participating in drawing up an annual plan for reconstruction and repair of university facilities, to inspect the quality of the work to determine if the work meets construction specifications and to supervise work performed by the contractors who are responsible for repairs;
•    monitoring the cost-effectiveness of utility consumption within the university complex and to prepare documentation for reconciling utility bills and negotiating the final payments;
•    developing plans for the efficient coordination of personnel in maintaining the  electrical, communications, elevators, boiler-rooms and other type of systems for normal day-to-day use and as well as in emergencies; to conduct an annual review with all building personnel concerning the efficient utilization of these buildings, equipment, elevators,  lighting, heating, sewerage and water supply systems, ventilation, underground communications to ensure that all systems were, in fact, reasonably utilized and repaired;
•    providing the university’s structural units with laboratory and office supplies, stationary and other necessary items; undertaking a systematic inventory of purchased items and disbursement of supplies within the warehouse in order to provide a system of accountability and to manage future supply budgets;
•    cleaning and maintaining all the academic and supplementary buildings and material values and to take care of plants in these buildings;
•    coordinating the sound operation of the university garage and automobiles; itemizing a bill of quantities (BOQ) for supplies and provisions for the efficient functioning of the university automotive department, including  the provision of fuel, lubricant supplies, spare parts and renovation of automobiles and to negotiate this BOQ with the head of administration;
•    itemizing a list of the university’s unserviceable property that needs to be disposed of and removed from the inventory.