About Us

To ensure smooth holding of examinations, the TSU Academic Council adopted decree No 34 on July 9, 2007 on uniform rules of holding examinations at the university. The mentioned decree became a basis for setting up the TSU Examination Center.

Based on order No 74/01-01 of the TSU Rector dated August 21, 2008, a coordinating group was approved, which started working over the statutes, structure and strategy of the Examination Center.

A new structural unit, TSU Examination Center, was set up in January 2009, which is authorized to organize studies at all the three educational steps at TSU:
  • Midterm, semester final/additional written examinations
  • Entrance written examinations for the master’s and doctoral programs
  • Transfer examinations (from other universities) and written examinations for internal mobility (transfer)
Presently, the Examination Center consists of 13 employees: head of the center, deputy head of the center, 2 chief specialists and 9 senior specialists