About us

The Research Management in TSU is carried out by the Department of Scientific Research and Development (R&D). Department helps Faculties/Institutes staff secure external funding to support their research, promotes, supports and administers quality research activity at TSU.

Key responsibilities:
• Promote high-quality and internationally competitive research
• Develop conditions for sustainable growth of R&D system
• Focus on human potential and infrastructure
• Promote and support science commercialization
• Integrate scientific research and education
• Administer/monitor research grants - review proposals for compliance with application guidelines and University policies and authorizes submission, review, negotiation and acceptation of grants and contracts on behalf of TSU
• Collect and report research performance data
• Develop research related policy and advise to Senior Management
• Conduct seminars/workshops/conferences
• Advise on all aspects of proposal development and award administration

Nowadays TSU combines and provides basic financing for 16 scientific-research Institutes, which operate under the aegis of Department of Scientific R&D. The main source of financing of research is external grants, with 8-12% indirect costs.